here is a prototype and project I collaborated on for the digitalSTS CoDesign workshop held at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum.  It’s called Bioprosthesis.  I worked with Kelly Dobson (RISD), Jean Ho Chu (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Heidi Boisvert (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

Bioprosthesis is an interactive installation for the sonification of vital processes in trees.  Sonification is the representation of data through sound.  Bioprosthesis is a conspicuous technology that invites visitors and care-givers to listen, in a physical engagement, to a selection of vital data about the organism and the organism’s relations within the environment.  In the early stages of the project, these data include information about pH, hydration, light capture, and respiration.  These data include both audible processes to be amplified, and abstract information to be converted into sound.  As a theoretical engagement with the science of sonification, these data challenge what it means to make data sonically meaningful.