here are some of my scholarly publications:

Guhin, Jeffrey and Joseph Klett. Forthcoming. ‘School Beyond Stratification: Internal Goods, Alienation, and an Expanded Sociology of Education’. Theory & Society. [LINK]

Klett, Joseph. 2017. Review of ‘Performing Civility’ by Lisa McCormick in Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 46 No. 3, Pp. 334-335. [LINK]

Klett, Joseph. 2016. ‘Baffled by an Algorithm: Mediation and the auditory relations of immersive audio’ in Algorithmic Cultures, Robert Seyfert and Jonathan Roberge, Eds. Routledge. [LINK]

  • German translation, 2017, Bielefeld: Transcript

Klett, Joseph. 2014.‘Sound on Sound: Situating Interaction in Sonic Object Settings.’ Sociological Theory 32(2): 147-161. [LINK]

Klett, Joseph and Alison Gerber. 2014. ‘The Meaning of Indeterminacy: Noise Music as Performance’. Cultural Sociology 8 (3): 275–290. [LINK]

  • Nominee, 2015 SAGE Award for Innovation

Klett, Joseph. 2013. Review of ‘Lobbying for the Ear’ by Alexandra Supper in Dissertation Reviews, [LINK]

Klett, Joseph. 2009. Review of ‘Current of Music’ by Theodor W. Adorno in Canadian Journal of Sociology, Vol. 34 No. 4, Pp. 1165-1167 [PDF]